Working in family separation

In the daily work we do as family lawyers, we are reminded what an immense honour it is for a client to place their trust in us.  This trust is many fold.  Trust that we will do what’s best by steering them in the right direction, not making mountains out of mole hills that can destroy relationships and benefit only the lawyers.  Trust that we will resolve instead of create conflict.  Trust that we won’t lose sight of the bigger picture, even if clients do.

For many of us lawyers, meeting all of these needs comes naturally, we are committed to avoiding the long term damage that messy separations can cause for clients and their children.  Simply, because we stake our reputation on our ability to problem solve effectively, some of us have families of our own, and we many of us truly care.

How we help

We care about how your separation impacts on you and your children, and what the future holds for you all.  Unearthing what you need is the first step towards achieving a settlement that will ensure you can move forward with certainty, whether it be a need for enough capital to re-establish yourself in a new home, or retain your business.  Sometimes when people come to us, they don’t know what they want or how they will move forward at all and that’s ok.  Separation is a process and we know the steps needed to reach finality as efficiently as possible.

It is a privilege working with those clients who genuinely want to remain amicable with their children’s other parent, and the person they created a life with.   Relationships can be, at best, fragile after separation.  At worst, relationships can be decimated beyond repair and often in this case lead to long term damage to children.  We see all too often the damaging impact of litigation on families, and it has been highlighted in the news recently about the issues with the system.  How lawyers go about their work in a family separation can have a lasting impact on many people in one matter.  We are mindful of this responsibility and this guides how we practise.

Steering clear of family law courts

For many, litigation is not a sensible or practical option, particularly when there are so many alternatives.  The traditional forms of positional bargaining back and forth through lawyers can be very costly.  We work with a number of other family lawyers who think like us and have the skills to short shrift the expensive traditional model, and reach a resolution sooner for both people.

Collaborative law is a process that can assist separating couples to place their goals and interests at the forefront of negotiations.  There is also a co-operative process we adopt informally with other colleagues which has excellent outcomes for our clients.  Mediation services are also another alternative as the assistance of an independent third party can be enormously advantageous.

Separating property after separation, agreeing on spousal maintenance and negotiating child custody can be painful, but it doesn’t have to be.  With so many alternatives available, there is often a path to be chosen away from the court which will save time and money.

Stepping towards your family law settlement

Divorce lawyers, family lawyers, child custody lawyers… whatever you want to call us.  We all have responsibilities to our clients and one of those responsibilities is to explore these alternative dispute resolution processes with you.  In essence, we are problem solvers.  We obtain your instructions in a comprehensive way, advise and guide you and strive to get you from A to B with your dignity in tact and, hopefully, an amicable co-parenting relationship you can be proud of when your children are older.

Talk to Daykin Family Law today about how we can guide you towards a peaceful and amicable separation and divorce.  You will be supported by an Accredited Family Law Specialist and a team that are focussed on achieving your goals.  Appointments in Fortitude Valley near Brisbane CBD, or by phone or Skype for regional or overseas clients.


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