5 key things you should know about child support

If you have separated from your partner and have care of the…

What happens to your property before, during and after a divorce or separation?

A main concern for people when they separate is what will happen…
Child custody mediation

What is child custody mediation and how do I prepare?

Questions around the process of mediation are often asked by…

How to get custody of a child

If you have just separated or are likely to, it is important…
Family Separation

Family separation & responsibility

Working in family separation In the daily work we do as family…
Spousal Maintenance

Am I entitled to Spousal Maintenance?

In other parts of the world, they call it “alimony”. …

How might separation impact my business?

One of the first questions we are often asked by our business…

How are pets divided in a separation?

What about the fur babies? Relationship breakdowns are one of…
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The other parent is breaching parenting orders, what are my options?

Obtaining final parenting Orders is often at the end of a long…

Financial help from your ex-spouse or partner after your separation

Here in south-east Queensland, actor Johnny Depp and his wife…