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5 key things you should know about child support

If you have separated from your partner and have care of the children from that relationship, you are, in most circumstances, able to apply for financial assistance from the other parent to contribute to the costs of raising those children, in the form of child support obligations. Child support stems from a fundamental principle that […]

Prenuptial and Binding Financial Agreements – Is There A Difference?

At Daykin Family Law, we are often contacted by couples asking for advice on the preparation of a prenuptial agreement or ‘prenup’.  Prenup is a popular terminology, but actually refers to agreements taken prior to marriage in the USA and other countries.  The equivalent of a prenup in Australia is known as a Binding Financial […]

Separation and divorce in Australia: what’s the difference?

There is a misconception that a divorce will also resolve your property settlement with your ex-partner: It will not. Obtaining a divorce order will not give you finality in your financial relationship with each other. Divorce in Australia For divorce in Australia, parties must complete a divorce application and file it with the court.  The […]

What happens when you appoint a family law solicitor?

When you sit down with your family lawyer at the first consultation, we are doing many things: • Gathering relevant facts • Discerning instructions • Identifying issues • Applying the law • Reality testing your instructions And something also vitally important. Forming a case strategy. In many matters that we deal with every day, there […]