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Co-parenting at Christmas – a Quick Guide for Separated Families

Christmas is considered a very special time of the year for many people around the world, but for some it can be a time of sadness and frustration.  Following a relationship breakdown, Christmas may seem like a daunting time, particularly when parenting children across separate households. Where both parents are willing and able and there […]

Protecting your mental health through separation or divorce

Separation or divorce can be an emotional journey that can have both physical and mental health effects on people.  The separation and divorce process, coupled in some situations with the family court process, can become incredibly stressful, taking a toll on the wellbeing of parties, sometimes impairing their judgment and decision-making abilities. Literature tells us […]

An Ex-Partner’s Claim To Your Inheritance

It is quite common that one of the party’s to a marriage or de facto relationship receives an inheritance during the course of the relationship. But conflicts can often arise when the relationship comes to an end and the process of property settlement begins. This conflict is exacerbated when the recipient of the inheritance becomes […]

Relocating With a Child After Divorce: Your Questions Answered

There are several reasons why you may be thinking about relocating, temporarily or permanently. You may wish to move to another town, move interstate or travel to another country.  There is a common law presumption unless a Court makes another order that both parents of a child who is not 18 have parental responsibility for […]

Calculating Child Support

Child support in Australia is calculated using a complex formula that takes into consideration the combined income of both parents, the number of children they have and the ages of the children. Even couples going through the most amicable separation or divorce can hit a bottleneck when issues of calculating child support arise. How is […]

What does a de facto relationship mean in legal terms?

Common misconceptions about de facto relationships and the things you should be aware of before entering a committed relationship There are many misconceptions surrounding de facto relationships and a large portion of individuals and couples are not aware of the relevant legal implications and obligations. After handling countless de facto cases in which parties were […]